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Salli Galvin’s passion for mental health and well-being is compelling. She is a strong advocate for equipping children with the tools to focus, calm the mind and be still in the moment in order to cope with adversity – it is what she calls ‘mind-fitness’, or the ability to press pause on life, centre the mind and find calmness and balance.

Salli understands that mindful parenting is crucial to a child’s healthy mindset as parents need to lead by example. Salli teaches adults and children to grow and sustain a healthy mind. One of the biggest, and most important, areas in life today stems from mental challenges, many of which can be resolved by people taking care of their mindset.

Speaking at the Palazzo Versace on the Gold Coast, QLD.

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Parenting a Mindfit Kid - Her Story


The ups and downs, highs and low of Parenting a Mindfit kid. Every child is different and every parenting style is different. However, there are some basic rules of thumb that we can use as guidelines to help us grow grounded, resilient, well-adjusted children, that reach their full potential AKA A Mindfit Kid.

Empowered Women, Empowering the World


Inspirational collaboration of 15 empowered women, telling their stories of overcoming personal adversity to achieve amazing successes in business and in life.

Read about Salli’s journey, from heartbreaking childhood trauma and suicide to reaching the pinnacle of her sport and representing her country. Be inspired by her survival against all odds, the driving force behind her passion to make a difference in the mental health awareness space.

She is joined by a selection of incredible women who seek to guide, inspire and uplift the lives of others, by sharing their unique pathways to success.

Founder Salli Galvin Won Equestrian Centre of the Year 2022 for Jarrahdale Equestrian Centre

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HI Salli,

We met in Mundejong recently when I attended the Women in Leadership High Tea. A great event all-round! I enjoyed what you shared and although I dont have children myself , I am an Aunty to two boys aged 10 and 12. The point of me contacting you was because I work on a study and I get to observe herds of thoroughbreds and I keep thinking about that question that was asked – What can we learn from ‘the herd’.

I see the horses are closely tuned to each other, they take turns in leading, they are honest, quick to punish transgressions and also quick to forgive. They’re relaxed yet energetic, can move as one, they compete yet encourage each other in their race around the paddock. They’re so beautiful. And honest. They DO walk the talk. As a result of some women i met at your speaking event I intend to join toastmasters in Byford. So the positive ripples you created are much appreciated. I am inspired.

Thank you.

Kind regards,








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Salli Galvin Founder of Jarrahdale Equestrian Centre

Winner Equestrian Facility of The Year 2022 - Australia Wide Prestige Award

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